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Robert & Maurice's Country Roadhouse ThisYear's Award Nominee's

Robert Allen Moore 15th July 2014 R.I.P
Maurice Peake 9th January 2015 R.I.P.

Clays Country Radio is dedicated to the memory of two great men Robert Allen Moore and Maurice Peake who inspired this Radio Station to Keep Country Music Alive back in 2010
Welcome to our chatroom: When you enter the chat you are given a name to prevent having to go through logging in every time you visit... To change your name to your real one follow theses steps. Step 1 click the little green icon next to the name given to you - Step 2. A window will open put your real name in - Step 3 Remember to click ok ..


Chatroom Closure Until Further Notice

Due to problems we have encountered in the past in the chatroom and the unprofessional conduct of a few we have decided to close the chatroom except for on special occassions.

We feel this is in everyones best interest and will avoid anyone being able to take advantage of both the artists and the recourses provided by the station. If you wish to keep updated please join our group to find out when the chatroom will be open and all events taking place on the radio. Here is the link to our group on Facebook please feel free to join:

We apologise to those of you that have frequented the chatroom and become a very special part of Clays Country but we will be available both on Facebook and via emails. To our friends you know where we are and hope you understand we now have to do all we can to keep the station of the highest standards we can, focus on the music and always maintain respect for the legacy Robert and Maurice left us.
Thank you for your understanding

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