From: Robert Moore - September 19, - 03:14 PM
I just want to thank Clay and Kathleen for this great venue for all of us independent artist to showcase some of our music and also to thank both of them helping me to revitalize my passion in my own music it is great to have friends like you two!

From: Jeff Allen - September 14, - 12:59 AM
Clay....keep up the awesome work! It is highly appreciated and enjoyed by many. I truly thank you for all the help you provide for the indie artists.

From: Kathleen - September 09, - 10:32 PM
Can you play Lisa Barrett - Let's Roll with it being Sept 11th on Tuesday .. Always remembering xx

From: Betty Wilson Anglin - September 09, - 10:22 PM
Please play as much as possible Alan Jackson WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE WORLD STOPPED TURNING 9/11. Play on 9/11 He wrote that on a napkin with in 30 minutes.Dedicate to every one. Please play HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU by Ronnie Beahan out of Nashville,Tn. Thank you very much Clay. Keep up the good work. Excellent job done.

From: Bonnie McGill - September 08, - 03:51 AM
Thank you Clay for all you do for the indie artists on here. including me.. You have a wonderful radio station , and I am proud to have my music played on it,, Once again THANK YOU !!! Bonnie

From: Gerard Alweyn - September 06, - 03:29 PM
I like listening in to your station. I hope that you received my songs that I had sent you recently. I will be very grateful if you would air them on your station, Gerard

From: Terry Lee Reid - September 05, - 08:19 PM
Clay I thank you dear friend for playin my songs especially the new " Cryin Inside " and SAME OLD TUNE which I have a new version of.Again I thank you an appricate what you do.

From: Daryl Bazinet - August 31, - 04:23 PM
Thanks Clay for all you do for us Indies. Blessing!

From: Mitch Morris - August 31, - 12:07 PM

From: Sonny Lee - August 28, - 06:51 PM
I just wanna say thank you Clay from the bottom of my heart for all you do for me & all the other indie artists you play because, with out your station giving us the air time, we wouldn't get our music out there for people to hear. We need to band together & help one another if were ever gonna do anything in this biz & Clay is giving all of us a chance, so I wanna say, GOD BLESS you Clay for your hard work keeping our music alive !!! Great Job, Great Station !!!!!!!!

From: Robert Moore - August 28, - 12:50 PM
I want to thank Clay for showcasing some of the great unknown singer and songwriters that are out there! It is a great feeling knowing that somebody is listening to your music.

From: Danny Cochran - August 26, - 10:17 PM
I would like to say without Clay playing our music we write we would be no where and our hearts go out to him so much as most of you know I have been waiting on a lung transplant for a long time and now found out I'm losing my eye sight but that want stop me and Colton .With Clay playing our music we hope to sell our new CD with 16 songs of all kind of music to help with my medical bills,So Clay you are a gift from Heaven and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

From: Lisa Barrett - August 26, - 09:00 PM
I'm sending a huge THANK YOU to Clay Pierce (and Kathleen) for supporting independent artists! My songs have been played many times right here on, giving me some awesome worldwide exposure! Join us in the chatroom, talk to the artists and to the DJ Clay too! You'll hear some outstanding original music along with many of your country favorites! Remember that every song was an original song in the beginning. Request a song today! : )

From: Carol Dusi - August 26, - 07:40 PM
Love this site. A lot of Good singers & Beautiful Songs.

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