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  Dee Desaire
  Name: Dee Desaire
  Location: Kansas
  Email: valvepop@hotmail.com
Dee Desaire is now being played on Clays Country Radio broadcasting to over 106 countries world wide .Dee Desaire will be played on air in rotation and when requested ..

Dee Desaire Biography ..

Just an old retired Truck Driver, Oil Field Roughneck, Car Salesman doing what he enjoys in his later years. Just taking a lot of the poems I have written over the years and making songs out of them.

"I've been writing songs for years, started while driving trucks in the sixties. Finally got around to making a demo and this is it. Thanks for listening."

You can find Dee often visiting the chatroom on Clays Country Radio mixing with other artists and songwriters.

Dee is currently working on getting more of his music ready for release on his premium page for you all to hear ..

If any artists/songwirters would like to help Dee get some of his lyrics brought to life you can contact him at the email above.

Dee Desaire Music
Fatal Attraction
Honky Tonk Fever
A Christmas Story
Coming soon ..
Coming soon ..

Dee Desaire on Youtube
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