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Don Haddock (Matt Slagg & The Tramp Iron Railroad )
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Don Haddock Bio :
Songwriter Don Haddock has been writing songs since he was 15 years old.  Originally from San Diego, Ca., he grew up playing Rock and Roll in a 3 piece power group.  He took a break from music to try and make a career as a professional baseball player.  By the age of 28 he knew he had gone as far as he could with baseball and got back into writing and playing music again.  He joined a Bluegrass band as a rhythm guitar player and back-up vocalist and performed throughout San Diego County for about 5 years.  He later moved to Orange County  for a job and to raise a family.  It was here he started playing and writing Country Music and eventually started a band called "Free Reign".  Free Reign played all the Honky Tonks and local bars in Southern California for about 8 years.  The band was nominated Locally for country band of the year, and Don Haddock was individually nominated for "songwriter of the year". The band played Top 40 Country Dance Music throughout the 90's.
In 2008, after a life changing injury, Don got serious about his life, rehabilitation and Songwriting. For the next 4 years he practiced playing guitar as part of his rehab for his badly damaged arm. He honed his songwriting and composition skills. When he was ready, he put together a new band of friends and musicians he had known for the last 30 years and created the Country group "Matt Slagg and the Tramp Iron Railroad" The result is a traditional Country sound filled with soulful ballads, danceable swings, Country Blues, and plenty of 2 steppin, boot-scootin fun!     .
The Band has been in the Magic Muse Recording Studio, and are just finishing their 1st album "Country Soul".  It is set to be released by Christmas 2013...  Hope you will give this music a won't be disappointed....
 His songs are now being performed exclusively by  
 Matt Slagg and the Tramp Iron Railroad:

Matt Slagg - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Jeff Thorsnes - Fiddle
Steve Denison - Lead Guitar, Piano, Back up Vocals
Tim McRaney - Bass
Garth Jacobs - Drums

 Be on a lookout for upcoming shows and events in 2014 !!

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Artist/Band: Matt Slagg and the Tramp Iron Railroad
"COUNTRY SOUL' is the 1st release by "Matt Slagg and the Tramp Iron Railroad". All songs are the original work written, composed, and produced by Don Haddock, a singer/songwriter from the Southern California area.
Every song tells a story of love, loss, adventure, and the travels and troubles of a man born in the 50's, grew up in the 60's and 70's, catapulted through the 80's and 90's, to survive into the 21st century and be able to share 60+ years of humor and pain....


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Songwriter Don Haddock presents his second original album entitled "In The Wind" as performed by Clays Country Radio 2014 & 2015 Band of the Year the "Tramp Iron Railroad". All songs are from selected stories of love, faith, heartache, betrayal, road trips, and family..... You name it he's got it all in here. While not all of these songs are in the strict "Classic" country genre, they're all great stories, great music and an overall great album that every fan of Country music and Americana will enjoy!! Pick up a download of "In The Wind" today and support this one of a kind Independent Country Artist !!!


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Contact Details
Don Haddock
Costa Mesa. California
Website :
Matt Slagg & The Tramp Iron Railroad
Matt Slagg - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica
Steve Denison - Lead Guitar, Keyboards, and vocals
Garth Jacobs - Drums
Tim McRaney - Bass Guitar
Jeff Thorsnes - Fiddle
Don Haddock - Songwriter and Producer
Winner Band Of The Year
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