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  Eddy Harrison
  Name: Eddy Harrison
  Location: USA
  Email: cowboyeddy39@yahoo.com
Eddy is a Singer/Songwriter working and is now being played on Clayscountry Radio
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Eddy Harrison Biography ..


I have been writing and singing Cowboy Music, Traditional Country Music, and Gospel Music for 56 years. I'll play for a handful or a houseful. It is my very favorite thing to do. I also build Custom Jumbo and 3/4 size guitars and inlay them with Real Turquoise and Abalone. Check out my websites www.myspace.com/eddyharrisonlovescowboymusic and 
www.blueeagleguitars.com . I was recently inducted into The National Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame in Anita, Iowa


Eddy Harrison Silver Premium Artist On Clays Country Radio



Eddy Harrison Music
Echos From Tthe canyon
Sing A Song For Daisy
God Kissed us All Goodbye
Waltz of the Rainbows
Oh Antonia
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