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  Rickey Combs
  Name: Rickey Combs
  Location: Atlanta Georgia
  Email: rickeycombs@yahoo.com
Rickey Combs is now being played on Clays Country Radio broadcasting to over 106 countries world wide. Rickey Combs will be played on air in rotation and when requested ..

Rickey Combs Biography ..
I was born in Detroit in the spring of 1957.
My father was an auto worker who moved from Kentucky after serving in the Korean war.
He met my mother who was working at the factory. She was a native of Detroit and from Polish decent.
My mother was a huge fan of music as was my dad.
At the time, her favorite artist was either Elvis Pressley or Ricky Nelson.
Lucky for me she named me after Ricky and David Nelson of the Ozzie and Harriet television show
As far back as I can remember I have always sang.
One of the first memories was sitting in front of the television watching Ricky Nelson and learning all the words to
Hello Mary Lou and Travelin' Man.
My grandmother used to love to hear me sing and she also loved Bobby Vinton.
I learned "Roses Are Red" and she would give me candy.
I was sent to a mission when I was about 8 after my parents were divorced.
I recall there that a Miss Norma had music class and it was my favorite time.
I sang in church and was featured during a Christmas play and when a lady began crying I knew I had something special.
Up til then it was just something I did with no regard to how I did it.....it just came natural and something I enjoyed.
4 years later, my mom remarried and we were shuffled off to Chicago.
It was strange to go from Kentucky to the big city at age 11.
I soon adjusted and became distracted by baseball, school and girls.
I still had a song in my head and on my little transistor radio most of the time.
We lived above a bar and I was best friends with the owners kids.
We would sing along with the juke box and the people in the bar would clap and give us sodas and stuff.
I still had not made the connection, that I could get paid entertaining people.
I was the oldest of 3 children and when my father refused to help with bills, I felt it was my responsibility to go to work and help.
I did that up until I was 19 and went into the US Army.
I wrote my first song while stationed in Korea. "Sittin' In This Honky Tonk" was what I felt how my father must have felt like.
I believe he died from a broken heart after the divorce he never got over it.
I then came home on leave and married my teenage girlfriend and life partner.
We had 3 children of our own. 32 years later, we are still together.
Since I had so many responsibilities and people depending on me I have kept my "day job".
I began playing guitar in my man cave after work to relieve stress.
People kept telling me I was good but I thought they were just being nice. Since they were either family or friends.
One day I saw a sign that said open stage tonight. So I grabbed my guitar, got permission from the wife and headed down to the local bar.
I played original songs and after that, the manager of the host band asked me to join them right there on the spot.
I have been hooked ever since.
I have been performing live all around the country since 1993.
I had the pleasure of performing at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in Nashville, TN and have done a show with Tanya Tucker.
I was able to meet Merle Haggard and the Oak Ridge Boys.
I have always been "just this close"
Now the kids are grown and gone and I have the extra time to do what I have wanted to do along.
Be an entertainer.

Rickey Combs Music
Any Other Song
Busted Flat In Texas
Almost Persuaded
Nothin' I Think Of
Sittin' In This Honky Tonk

Through the years ..
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