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  Tom Foster Morris
  Name: Tom Foster Morris
  Location: Las Cruces New Mexico
Tom is now being played on Clays Country Radio broadcasting to over 160 countries world wide. Tom's Music will be played on air in rotation.. Nominated Male Artist of The Year 2016.. Tune in everyday of the week to enjoy some great country music ..
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Tom Foster Morris' Biography ..

It was a bitter cold January, 1944, Greensburg, Pa. Dreaming of angels in the sweet, warm confines of the abyss. When suddenly a bright white light appeared and he was wrestled from his heavenly slumber and with a smack on the ass.... Screaming, kicking & rebellious, Tom Foster Morrisentered the world and he's been rebelling ever since. Traveling the world over, searching for that warm, safe abode he was snatched from. The road has been long, sometimes hard. A working man, who has managed over the course of a lifetime to put a few words together, always searching for a new rhyme. It's come time to put some of these experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the love & heartache onto disc. After a lifetime, the dream is becoming a reality. Recently released "All Those Years Ago", his first, but not last CD of original songs. Let the cards fall where they may. Hope you'll find it as interesting listening as he did living it

Tom Foster Morris Entertainer The Year 2016



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